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Briefly describe the good and bad of silicone earmuffs

Release time2021-10-25Popularity:286

     At present, all major brands of earphones or better-quality earphones are using silicone earmuffs. Such earphones usually have a high cost. In other words, it is usually used by a class of enthusiasts or professionals. So the problem arises. For the old bird, it is clear which type of earphone earmuff quality will be good or not, but for the novice, it is difficult to distinguish the product quality. Especially for thousands of priced earphones, the price may be close to the price of leather earmuffs (leather earmuffs) earphones, so it has a lower price and thinner, will it be more prone to damage than real leather? Today, the silicone earmuff manufacturers will tell you the good and bad of this type of earphone earmuffs.

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     1. Production process. Leather earmuffs usually can only be sewn or glued, while silicone earmuff manufacturers can use high-frequency technology when making protein earmuffs, and sometimes even a combination of high-frequency technology and sewing technology. While getting a good appearance, it can also get greater pull performance, that is, the appearance is similar to the micro-closed effect, but it can pass various tensile tests like sewn earmuffs.
      2. Abrasion resistance. The protein earmuffs produced by regular silicone earmuffs manufacturers usually have no problems under normal use within 3-5 years, and they can be more beautiful than genuine leather in terms of resistance to stretching and scratching. Protein leather products are far better than animal leather in terms of air permeability.
      3. Production cost. Silicone earmuffs (headphone earmuffs) are no longer the same as traditional design, just a simple circle or ellipse, but more and more humane, closer to the shape of human ears, and more consideration for different groups of people. Silicone earmuff manufacturers have to admit that if the irregular shape is made of genuine leather, the material loss of silicone earmuffs will be much higher than the original ones.

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