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The switch manufacturer will show you what are the performance characteristics of the toggle switch?

Release time2021-10-25Popularity:181

  The switch manufacturer will show you what are the performance characteristics of the toggle switch? The toggle switch adopts integrated circuit technology and SMT surface device technology to manufacture a new generation of photoelectric switch devices. It has intelligent functions such as delay, expansion, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis.

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  This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system electronic switch that uses pulse modulation. The cold light sources used are infrared light, red light, and green light. Light and blue light, etc., can quickly and control the state and action of various solids, liquids, transparent bodies, black bodies, soft bodies and smoke without contact and damage.

  Drive waterproof and explosion-proof switch contact type travel switch has disadvantages such as low response speed, poor accuracy, easy contact detection to damage the detected object and short life, while the role of transistor proximity switch The distance is short, and non-metallic materials cannot be detected directly. However, the new photoelectric switch overcomes the above shortcomings, and is small in size, multi-functional, long-lived, high-precision, fast in response, long in detection distance, and strong in resistance to optical, electrical, and magnetic interference.

  Introduction to the varieties of toggle switches and mechanical specifications . The commonly used varieties of toggle switches include single-pole double-position, single-pole three-position, double-pole double-position and double-pole three-position, etc. They are generally used in low-voltage circuits and have the characteristics of flexible slider action and stable and reliable performance.

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