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Selection of plastic materials

Release time2021-10-25Popularity:629

     So far, the types of resins that have been reported have reached tens of thousands, and the number of industrialized production has reached more than a thousand. The selection of plastic materials is to choose a suitable one among the many resin varieties. At first glance, there are too many varieties of plastics for us to choose from, and it feels dazzling. But in fact, not all resin varieties have obtained specific applications. The selection of plastic materials we are referring to is not an endless choice, but a selection of commonly used resin varieties.  

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     Principle of selection of plastic materials: 

1. The adaptability of plastic materials; 1. The performance comparison of various materials; 2. The conditions for not choosing plastics; 3. The suitable conditions for choosing plastics.  

2. Use performance of plastic products 1. Use conditions of plastic products a. Stress condition of plastic products; b. Electrical properties of plastic products; c. Size of plastic products Precision requirements; d. Permeability requirements for plastic products; e. Transparency requirements for plastic products; f. Appearance requirements for plastic products. 2. The use environment of plastic products a. Ambient temperature; b. Ambient humidity; c. Contact media; d. Ambient light, oxygen and radiation. 

Three. Plastic processing performance 1. Plastic processability; 2. Plastic processing cost; 3. Plastic processing waste. 

4. The cost of plastic products 1. The price of plastic raw materials; 2. The service life of plastic products; 3. The maintenance cost of plastic products. 5. The source of plastic raw materials. In the actual selection process, some resins are very close in performance, which is hard to distinguish.

     Which one is more appropriate? It takes many considerations and repeated weighings before it can be determined. Therefore, the selection of plastic materials is a very complicated task, and the rules that can be followed are not very obvious. One thing needs to remind everyone to pay special attention. The performance data of plastic materials quoted from various books and periodicals are all measured under specific conditions. These conditions may be quite different from the actual working conditions. If they do not match, the quoted data should be converted into performance under actual use conditions or re-measured under actual conditions.

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